Kalymnos,being the heart of international sponge industry and trade, it is natural that Kalymnos schould be known as the “home of sponge divers”- the incredible, death-defying, fearless race of men. At the impressive port of Kalymnos-town (Pothia) the picturesque old houses and the tiny churches reminds of the good old days. Clear blue waters, wind wept hills, elaborate stone formations, endless stretches of sea spattered with tiny islets or with faint shadows of landmasses emerging on their horizons comprise some of the island’s unique natural beauties.


The most significant caves are the Kefala Cave and the Daskalio Cave and they are accessible by boat only.
Visit the former house which was rebuilt to a museum in Kalymnos-town (Pothia).

There are two diving centers operating April –November and its rich diving heritage. One such eye-opener is the island’s 859 Sport Climbing Sectors, all so well signposted and organized for the thousands of Rock Climbers that enjoy the island’s unique limestone rocks. On the west coast at Myrties there are beautiful pebble beaches.

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