East Aegean Greek Islands

East Aegean Greek Islands

The East Aegean Islandswere the gateway connecting the Hellenism of Minor Asia with Greece. There is history dating back to the ancient years, and for centuries, the North Aegean Islands were centres of economic and cultural growth. Their natural beauty, the crystal clear waters, the traditional villages with their stoned built houses, a lot of green and forests with running waters, make them the ideal place even for the most demanding visitors that are looking for quiet holidays.

Lesbos, is the largest of the East Aegean Islands with its nice landscape scenery, picturesque fishing villages and Molyvos which is under protection of historical monuments.

Chios the old buildings in combination with the modern town of Chios and its luscious greenery and rich vegetation create a very peaceful and tranquil setting. The island is also famous for the tasty “mastic”, a spice that is found only on this island. This comes from the Mastic Trees that are found on the island and which have many healthy properties within them.

Samos and Ikaria are two popular islands for trekking. Kokkari at Samos became the most lively and happening place on the island. It is probably the outstanding scenery and the good beaches for water sports which attract a large proportion of the visitors to Kokkari.

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