Ikaria owes its name to Icarus, the hero of the Greek Mythology. The Island has been known from ancient times due to elements, such as its thermal springs, east and west of the main port of Agios Kirikos, and its famous dark wine.

For those who love hiking around wild beauty, with no added infrastructure and crowds will enjoy the typical immaculate ancient Greek vibe of the Island, almost untouched by tourism influence.


This fortress is one of the best preserved examples of Athenian military architecture.
This small church has as unusual architecture, as it has a rock as roof.
The traditional village of Kampos offers the archeological museum with findings from archeological excavations in Nas, Arethousa, Christos Rachon and other areas. Nearby is the Byzantine Odeon, built in the 1st century AD and it was used as a central meeting place. It was the Odeon of the ancient capital of Ikaria, Oenoe.

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