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Greek oenology dates back to ancient Greece. Since antiquity, ancient Greeks developed a sophisticated system for the production and distribution of wine. From prehistoric times (4500-1050 BC) the cultivation of the vine was quite widespread in many areas. Due to the suitable climate and soil conditions, viticulture continued during the Archaic period (7th century BC). From the ancient Classical times to the Golden Age, 499 – 323 BCE, the vine cultivation flourished. In the ancient texts we find numerous references on Greek wines and wine making. Despite the tough Roman and Byzantine eras, as well as the Venetian and Turkish occupations thereafter, viticulture continued under difficult circumstances to produce some important vine cultivations that kept this long, ancient tradition of Greek wine making intact.

It is a common assumption that Greek wine making covers a long historical period in which the vine cultivation of antiquity continued to the present day. The presence of wine in Greece is tied to the economy as well as the social, cultural and religious life of its people. Greek vineyards are abundant and in various regions and islands, with many different climates and thus varieties of grapes. This important fact, gives Greece a uniqueness in wine production

There are certain historical vineyards which exist since antiquity and are considered national treasures. They grow special grape varieties that are extraordinary in both taste and quality. Some of these areas are located in Central Greece, around the area of Meteora, the Peloponnese area of Nemea, the island of Crete and the Aegean islands, such as Santorini. Among those is the Agianniotiko, a rare red variety originating from the Aegean Sea. Another such variety is Sefka, a red variety that is a blend from northern and central Greece. The white variety Tsaousi is found on the Ionian Sea islands. Among other indigenous wine varieties worth tasting are Agiorgitiko, Savvatiano, Mavrodafni and retsina

In recent years wine cultivation has been developed extensively. Many Greek wines have received important awards in various international competitions. Each wine is unique and authentic since they are produced in small quantities. Many of the wineries receive guests and organize vineyard tours and wine tastings.

Culinary Adventures Greece organizes private visits to various wineries that produce rare varieties of wines. We work with renowned sommeliers and wine experts to introduce you to the secrets of the best wines of Greece.

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